still workin on…

Hey there,

such a long time since we didnt updated the internet.
we are very happy to announce that we will be part of the Anarchist Black Cross Festival in Vienna at EKH on the 21st, 22nd of april.

We are looking for shows on the way or on the way back so if you are interested in helping us. this is more than welcome. switzerland ? germany ?

We also gonna be part of the No Sanctuary Fest in Hartera Rijeka Croatia this summer and are very excited about that.

and Monday we are playing in our « hometown » (if it’s still means  something…) in a secret place, not really secret anymore since so many shows happened there. but we are super happy to meet our friends there and to open for one of the most exciting french band of the last couple of years… litovsk (in my opinion)

take good care