Here we go,

we are still need help for a couple of shows but so far it looks great and we are very happy about the new adventure.
see you soon somewhere…

dim. 10 EISENBERG @ Confirmed
lun. WROCLAW 11  / DRESDEN need help
mar. 12 KRAKOW confirmed
mer. 13 WARSAW @ ADA
jeu. 14 GRODNO  confirmed
vend. 15 MINSK confirmed
sam. 16 VILNIUS  @   XI20
mar. 19 BERLIN @ KOMAF
merc.  ROSTOCK @ the rostocker wagenplatz  to be confirmed
jeu. 21 HAMBURG @ Gängeviertel 
ven. 22 OLDENBURG @ kill the plastic smile festival



still workin on…

Hey there,

such a long time since we didnt updated the internet.
we are very happy to announce that we will be part of the Anarchist Black Cross Festival in Vienna at EKH on the 21st, 22nd of april. We are looking for shows on the way or on the way back so if you are interested in helping us. this is more than welcome. switzerland ? germany ?

We also gonna be part of the No Sanctuary Fest in Hartera Rijeka Croatia this summer and are very excited about that.

and Monday we are playing in our « hometown » (if it’s still means  something…) in a secret place, not really secret anymore since so many shows happened there. but we are super happy to meet our friends there and to open for one of the most exciting french band of the last couple of years… litovsk (in my opinion)

take good care



Leaves and thorns ! Nous sommes en tournée !

Nous sommes penchées sur la tournée de deux semaines à travers la France, Belgique, Hollande et Allemagne.Si tu es interessée pour nous faire jouer, écrit nous. Merci.

V 09/09: PARIS, fr confirmed
S10/09: Angers. fr – 20h30 – prix libre – @L’étincelle + Motörhill (folk – Angers/Rennes) + Chaviré (émo punk – Nantes) |
D11/09: Gurunhuel, fr – prix libre – @PKLT + Mandelbajo (surf rockab/Colombie) + Ostavka (post punk) + Spectacle + Bingo 666 et Punk Market !
L12/09: BOVEL, fr confirmed
M13/09: ROUEN, fr confirmed
M14/09: GENT, be Landhuis / vzw De Warmoezeniers, Warmoezeniersweg 10
J15/09: DAY OFF
V16/09: AMSTERDAM, nl @ Autonima with Got Danger!man (hc punk from Norway) and Cracked Up (punk from Amsterdam) benefit show for Mutfak, turkish anarchist collective.
S17/09: BREMEN, de 
D18/09: ////
L19/09: ////
M20/09: AMSTERDAM, @ De Muiterij + Dave Hughes: renegade folk punk from UK + Bettie Akkemaai: bitey sweet polka dotted folk from Den Bosch
M21/09: OLDENBURG, de confirmed
J22/09: LUCHOW, de confirmed
V23/09 :LEIPZIG party
S24/09: LEIPZIG, de @ DIY Festival, ZORO



Finally here

So much thanxxx to Jerome from Blackout Rec. and Stevie from Ruination Rec. for make it happen. we are very excited to have it in our hand.

We will be on tour in september across north of France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. we will be part of the Diy International Festival in Zoro at Leipzig on the 23rd/24th of September.
drop us a line if you think you can help us in anyway.
more shows to come and new songs as well.
have a nice spring and or summer,
take care.

BOLLOX 036 Kopie









This team double of international feminist inspired hardcore punk toured together across europe in 2015 and will continue to do so in 2016. We thought it’s worth to have it engraved into wax and finally after (too) many delays this fine slap o’ vinyl is ready to punch out!

Six blasting new tracks from Göteborgs VICIOUS IRENE who continue where they stopped on their last full length « Distorted State Of Mind ». A blend of radical feminist Crustpunk with a slight « grunge » edge and vocal melodies that remind you of early « Babes In Toyland » or « L7 » in conjunction with some serious D-Beat-Crustcore! Valerie Solanas’ SCUM MANIFEST is quoted more than once and the general lyrical content is pointing out a fair lot of current feminist-political topics that are hopefully inspiring to you as well. – Recorded and mixed by Pontus Redig (Agrimonia, Martyrdöd, Miasmal) and mastered by Göran Finnberg. Probably the best VICIOUS IRENE to date!

On the flip side we have VEHEMENCE hailing from Marseille and Nancy (France) who deliver 3 extended songs of doom laden, shredding and distorted grind-metal-punk with an overall dystopian atmosphere. There’s heaps of sludge and screamo-core every now and then and the whole musical package is a brutal grinder … especially live, this band manage to build up a wall of apocalyptic noise and mayhem. Just play loud and you know what i mean! Lyrics deal with the poetry of despair… just as you might expect, not too uplifting topics. Recorded and Mastered at La Cave 38 in’ Metz by Monsieur Marcaille.

Includes Digital Download – A joint release with BLACK OUT BRIGADE (France).

A strictly LIMITED EDITION of 100 Yellow Vinyl and 100 Purple Vinyl is available from the Bands or through Ruin Nation / Black Out Brigade Mailorder. Regular pressing comes in black vinyl.

2061_1 2061_2



on the way to Berlin…

still some days before leaving… here what we have…

14/02 MARSEILLE @ L’embobineuse + Le Crabe
17/02 BIEL (ch)
18/02 PZORFZHEIM (de) @ Alte Fabrik / Stressekeller show start @ 8h. vokü@7h.
19/02 HANNOVER (de) @ Stumpf + Distress (russia)+ Crustenunie (Netherlands)
20/02 BERLIN (de) @ Kopi AGH’s festival + many bands
come and say hi



So we’ll be on the road in april, here are the gigs:

GENEVE@Le Lignon——–15/04/14
MILAN with AGATHA——-17/04/14
BOLOGNE with AGATHA/LUST FOR DEATH/BLACK CODE….queens of chaos fest—18/04/14
SAINT ETIENNE @ la gueule noire ———-19/04/14
GRENOBLE@Roxy Cooper–20/04/14

We are a bit slow, updating this page. We were stuck in our daily lives since we have been back from tour… well, not in a bad way.
Julie had been traveling for a month, Nina was working on her bass preamp and her second 2×15’s cabs and i was trying to write some news songs… i mean, guitar parts.

We will do a show in a couple of weeks with our friends from AUTOVOGEL. this is an amazing doom punk band from OSLO, NORWAY.A three piece members with a very unique sound. (homemade amps !). We played together in January and are really happy to get the chance to see them again. This will happen @ le Caveau du Grand Sauvoy on the 17th of April. We will screenprint some posters… Dont miss them, they are really nice people and they do really cool music.

This will not JUST be a show for us, but the LAST SHOW EVER with Katya, our beloved singer. No drama, we are still really close friends but she decided to move on and everyone is fine with that. There are not that much things we can save or keep for years at all costs… but in another way Nina, Julie and I are still convinced we have stuff to do together… so we will continue the path we took, write news songs and lyrics this time, and see what happens…

So if you want to listen to our songs live ALTOGETHER, this is your last chance….
Take care


From cities to forest, from country sides to small towns we have been travelling in our beloved diypunk community for a month.
no matter borders, countries, cops or gas costs we ve met so many nice people & places, had so many good meals & shows that we feel forever grateful.
it’s a bit cliché to write these lines as an endless thanklist. anyway.
There are moments you will never forget, smiles we shared, tight embraces, gives the feeling of being part of something…
Here everything is fine, things will change a bit, but for now… thank you.



concert black black black @Caveau Du Grand Sauvoy. 17 Route de
Metz, Maxeville, Nancy

ISKRA black metal anarchist de Canada
ANHA duo basse batterie, doom canadien
MORGOT ambiant black metal de France
VEHEMENCE blackened crust de France

Entrée 5€
Start 21h00