recording session, shows

so here we go,
we have just finished to record the songs for the LP with Vicious Irene we were talking about. Thanx to Arnaud Marcaille, this was a very good experience.  Final mix will be done in january. It seems there is such a long delay at the pressing plant that we expect the record for end of May, hopefully.  we are thinking about touring in june.

We will play in MARSEILLE at L’embobineuse on the 14th of Februray w/ Le Crabe.  i guess this is confirmed.
Then we will play in BERLIN, at Köpi / AGH for the festival on friday the 20th of february w/ lots of cool bands.
we will probably come by the south (marseille) so we need shows on the way. i know the delay is so short but if you hear about something that would be awesome. Thanx you.

Ok, This is time to leave the computer. Snow is everywhere and in a couple of days there is a nice show in saint étienne ( 1981) so if you are in the area…

Take care


update :  Hannover on the 19th is confirmed. awesome.

records split & shows

En octobre on a répété 4 jours d’affilé pour travailler nos nouveaux morceaux encore plus véhéments, avec des montées de rage et des descentes aux enfers. On en a profité pour les jouer le 22 octobre au caveau à nancy avec Avvikadown tempo engagé et poétique CZ et Creed Brattoncelle qui joue du power violence de Reims FR.

Et on va enregistrer ces morceaux en décembre pour sortir un split avec Vicious Irene un groupe suédois d’anarcho d-beat punk mélodiques et rock’n’roll.

In october we practiced 4days to play our new songs, more vehement with climbs of rage and down to hell. We played those songs the 22 octobre at caveau at nancy with Avvika – down tempo engaged et poetic CZ et Creed Bratton –  power violence from Reims FR. 

And we will record our new songs in December to release a split with Vicious Irene a Swedish anarcho punk d-beat melodic and rock’n’roll.