Goodbye Croatia and Slovenia

This was our first time in Croatia and Slovenia. The people we met, the places we have seen were just amazing. We feel very lucky to have been part of the No Sanctuary Festival this year and will never be say thank enough to all the people involved in Rijeka at the fest. it was […]

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vehemence split w/ vicious irene split

Split LP is finally here

So much thanxxx to Jerome from Blackout Rec. and Stevie from Ruination Rec. for make it happen. we are very excited to have it in our hand. We will be on tour in september across north of France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. we will be part of the Diy International Festival in Zoro at Leipzig […]

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Posters & Shows 2015

Tour with Vicious Irene 26.aug.2015 – Hannover, Korn : with Exilent 27.aug.2015 – Dresden, AZ Coni : solidarity show for afrique-europe-interact, with Discure 28.aug.2015 – Berlin, Kastanienkeller, Kastanienallee 85 HH : with Kriminal 29.aug.2015 – Bremen, Die Friese 30.aug.2015 – Nancy, 103 avenue de la Liberation – with Social Crisis 31.aug.2015 – St Etienne, La […]

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photo pizza

Music, pizza and mountains

concerts & pizzas + Goo g Good Things + Koenigstein Youth (Fr) @ 102, Grenoble « Punk et Pizzas Las Vegan en soutien au collectif No Gods No Masters, un label basé au Brésil. No Gods No Masters distribue un bon nombre de fanzines, de disques, de t-shirts, de patchs, de livres qu’il réalise lui-même, mais […]

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Posters & Shows 2014

20.avr.2014 – Grenoble @ roxy cooper 19.avr.2014 – Saint Etienne @ La gueule noire 18.avr.2014 – Bologne, it @ QUEENS OF CHAOS + Agatha + Lust for Death + Black Code… 17.avr.2014 – Milan, it @ QUEENS OF CHAOS + Agatha… 16.avr.2014 – Lausanne, ch @ La Chaine + Irsinn 15.avr.2014 – Genève, ch @ […]

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Posters & Shows 2013

21 sep. 2013 – Bremgarten @ Alte Kleiderfabrik + Hellshock + born for slaughter, chratzab 20. sep. 2013 – St Etienne @ URSA MINOR, festival de sérigraphie + Pervers & Truand… 14. sep. 2013 – Festival à Bovel 13. sept.2013 – Reims @ L’écluse + Malaise + Doomsisters 17. Apr Nancy @ Caveau de Grand […]

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