Split LP is finally here

So much thanxxx to Jerome from Blackout Rec. and Stevie from Ruination Rec. for make it happen. we are very excited to have it in our hand.

We will be on tour in september across north of France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. we will be part of the Diy International Festival in Zoro at Leipzig on the 23rd/24th of September.
drop us a line if you think you can help us in anyway.
more shows to come and new songs as well.
have a nice spring and or summer,
take care.

This team double of international feminist inspired hardcore punk toured together across europe in 2015 and will continue to do so in 2016. We thought it’s worth to have it engraved into wax and finally after (too) many delays this fine slap o’ vinyl is ready to punch out!

Six blasting new tracks from Göteborgs VICIOUS IRENE who continue where they stopped on their last full length « Distorted State Of Mind ». A blend of radical feminist Crustpunk with a slight « grunge » edge and vocal melodies that remind you of early « Babes In Toyland » or « L7 » in conjunction with some serious D-Beat-Crustcore! Valerie Solanas’ SCUM MANIFEST is quoted more than once and the general lyrical content is pointing out a fair lot of current feminist-political topics that are hopefully inspiring to you as well. – Recorded and mixed by Pontus Redig (Agrimonia, Martyrdöd, Miasmal) and mastered by Göran Finnberg. Probably the best VICIOUS IRENE to date!

On the flip side we have VEHEMENCE hailing from Marseille and Nancy (France) who deliver 3 extended songs of doom laden, shredding and distorted grind-metal-punk with an overall dystopian atmosphere. There’s heaps of sludge and screamo-core every now and then and the whole musical package is a brutal grinder … especially live, this band manage to build up a wall of apocalyptic noise and mayhem. Just play loud and you know what i mean! Lyrics deal with the poetry of despair… just as you might expect, not too uplifting topics. Recorded and Mastered at La Cave 38 in’ Metz by Monsieur Marcaille.

Includes Digital Download – A joint release with BLACK OUT BRIGADE (France).

A strictly LIMITED EDITION of 100 Yellow Vinyl and 100 Purple Vinyl is available from the Bands or through Ruin Nation / Black Out Brigade Mailorder. Regular pressing comes in black vinyl.

Split and tour with Vicious Irene

The split is in the factory ! A lot of thanx to Stevie, Jerome and Vicious Irene. The 21 august we play at Metz, and a week later we are on tour with Vicious Irene.

http://www.ruinnation.org  //  http://blackoutbrigade.org

We will play at Metz the 21 august at La Chaouée, 1 rue du Champé, 57000 Metz
Vehemence + La Mineur + Melvyn

Summer tour with VICIOUS IRENE

we 26 aug – Hannover, Korn : with Exilent
th   27 aug – Dresden, AZ Coni : solidarity show for afrique-europe-interact, with Discure
fr    28 aug – Berlin, Kastanienkeller, Kastanienallee 85 HH : with Kriminal
sa  29 aug – Bremen, Die Friese
su  30 aug – Nancy, 103 avenue de la Liberation  – with Social Crisis
mo 31 aug – St Etienne,  La Gueule Noire  : with Copcake and Social Crisis

recording session, shows

so here we go,
we have just finished to record the songs for the LP with Vicious Irene we were talking about. Thanx to Arnaud Marcaille, this was a very good experience.  Final mix will be done in january…

… It seems there is such a long delay at the pressing plant that we expect the record for end of May, hopefully.  we are thinking about touring in june.

We will play in MARSEILLE at L’embobineuse on the 14th of Februray w/ Le Crabe.  i guess this is confirmed.
Then we will play in BERLIN, at Köpi / AGH for the festival on friday the 20th of february w/ lots of cool bands.
we will probably come by the south (marseille) so we need shows on the way. i know the delay is so short but if you hear about something that would be awesome. Thanx you.

Ok, This is time to leave the computer. Snow is everywhere and in a couple of days there is a nice show in saint étienne (1981) so if you are in the area…

Take care


update :  Hannover on the 19th is confirmed. awesome.

Nos démos K7 sont sold out

Cela fait bientot un mois que nous sommes revenus de notre escapade avec Mindfuck sans réellement prendre le temps de remercier par ici toutes les personnes qui nous ont accueillies et permis de jouer chez eux… avoir un groupe et être en tournée, au delà de la mythologie puante du rocknroll, est une chance que nous mesurons pleinement…Merci !

Nos démos K7 sont définitivement sold out mais vous avez probablement une chance de les trouver dans les distros que l’on a croisées…notamment…
I love Cops Distro (Reims)
La Luttine (Lyon)
Baygon Vert (Lyon/Bordeaux)
Dalidark (Grenoble)
K nar (Toulouse)
Crustatombe (Vosges)

Il nous reste des démos CD toujours à prix libre. vous pouvez également télécharger le fichier zip contenant les Waves, le booklet ainsi que l’artwork du disque. Elle est également écoutable et téléchargeable via la plateforme soundcloud. (rubrique Release )

Off the map

Ok le master est prêt, les CDs aussi. les K7s devraient être faite demain, les inserts prêts à faire fumer les tambours des photocops et les premiers flyers des concerts arrivent dans nos boites mails.

6.04 ven, Nancy @ soapboxclub + Ulrikes dream (be) + I am a Curse
7.04 sam, Liège @ carlo levi + Goat Vomit
8.04 dim, Bruxelles @ le 47 (Matonge) +D’Onderhond
9.04 lun, Lille @ Californie
10.04 mar, Tours @ Hurricane Pub + Atomic Tango
12.04 jeu, Tonquedeque @ « Kerbrunec », + Atomic Tango
13.04 ven, Angers @ la conserverie + Atomic Tango
14.04 sam, Cazaubon @ « Chez Les Poules » +
15.04 dim, Toulouse @ le Trou de Balle + Panzer Cardinal
16.04 lun, Marseille @ l’enthropy
17.04 mar, Percy, dans Trieve @ salle des fêtes + Les Profs de Skids
19.04 jeu, Lausanne @ Turbo Mongol + Uhl + Baygon Vert
20.04 ven, Offenburg @ Kessel
21.04 sam, au Chalet des Bibas (direction Côte 1008) à Le Ménil (88160) 21h // 4€ // possibilité de campé + Whoresnation + Lust for Death