Split and tour with Vicious Irene

The split is in the factory ! A lot of thanx to Stevie, Jerome and Vicious Irene. http://www.ruinnation.org  //  http://blackoutbrigade.org We will play at Metz the 21 august at La Chaouée, 1 rue du Champé, 57000 Metz Vehemence + La Mineur + Melvyn Summer tour with VICIOUS IRENE we 26 aug – Hannover, Korn : […]

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photo pizza

Music, pizza and mountains

concerts & pizzas + Goo g Good Things + Koenigstein Youth (Fr) @ 102, Grenoble « Punk et Pizzas Las Vegan en soutien au collectif No Gods No Masters, un label basé au Brésil. No Gods No Masters distribue un bon nombre de fanzines, de disques, de t-shirts, de patchs, de livres qu’il réalise lui-même, mais […]

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poster 10 02 2015 Hannover

on the way to Berlin…

still some days before leaving… here what we have… 14/02 MARSEILLE @ L’embobineuse + Le Crabe 17/02 BIEL (ch) 18/02 PZORFZHEIM (de) @ Alte Fabrik / Stressekeller show start @ 8h. vokü@7h. 19/02 HANNOVER (de) @ Stumpf + Distress (russia)+ Crustenunie (Netherlands) 20/02 BERLIN (de) @ Kopi AGH’s festival + many bands come and say […]

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Posters & Shows 2014

20.avr.2014 – Grenoble @ roxy cooper 19.avr.2014 – Saint Etienne @ La gueule noire 18.avr.2014 – Bologne, it @ QUEENS OF CHAOS + Agatha + Lust for Death + Black Code… 17.avr.2014 – Milan, it @ QUEENS OF CHAOS + Agatha… 16.avr.2014 – Lausanne, ch @ La Chaine + Irsinn 15.avr.2014 – Genève, ch @ […]

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recording session, shows

so here we go, we have just finished to record the songs for the LP with Vicious Irene we were talking about. Thanx to Arnaud Marcaille, this was a very good experience.  Final mix will be done in january. It seems there is such a long delay at the pressing plant that we expect the […]

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records split & shows

En octobre on a répété 4 jours d’affilé pour travailler nos nouveaux morceaux encore plus véhéments, avec des montées de rage et des descentes aux enfers. On en a profité pour les jouer le 22 octobre au caveau à nancy avec Avvika – down tempo engagé et poétique CZ et Creed Bratton – celle qui […]

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APRIL TOUR 2014 on the way to Queens of chaos fest

So we’ll be on the road in april, here are the gigs: GENEVE@Le Lignon——–15/04/14 LAUSANNE——————16/04/14 MILAN with AGATHA——-17/04/14 BOLOGNE with AGATHA/LUST FOR DEATH/BLACK CODE….queens of chaos fest—18/04/14 SAINT ETIENNE @ la gueule noire ———-19/04/14 GRENOBLE@Roxy Cooper–20/04/14  

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Woman Kick Asz + plan to tour in Italy

hi there, it has been a certain time since we didnt put any news overhere. everything is fine and we are quiet busy right now. we have a lot of plans for 2014 and we really hope it’s gonna happen. first we’ve got this new bandmember, he is from 86, raised on gasoline, with an […]

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