There is no more landscape
There is no birds, there is no trees
There is no more landscape
They build those walls – just for you
They poison food just for you
Control our lifes just for you
Evict our spaces just for you

Your darkest nightmares
are our sweetest dreams
Sometimes we dance, sometimes we fight
join us in hell or turn off the light

Somepeople throw bricks while you sleep
Shadows leave messages all over your street
Athough state voilence
stand against gentrification

Fuck your greenwash
no excuse for the misery you made
Fuck your greenwash
take your cops and your greed machines
Fuck your greenwash
don’t pretend you care about people
Fuck your greenwash

Pression is so high we will never win
don’t clean this blood, nor paint it in green


Dancing on the moonlight
Nevermind they’re coming with torches
Irate mob hunting all the night
To imolate her body
Buring flames, swallow witches yell
Crackled wood whispers eternal spell

I object the behavior of mysogyne society
Feel sick about your religious lies
I refuse to fit in your gender case
I’m not the one with the fucked up brain
Is this what you really want
Don’t you see there is control behind ?
Is this what you really want
Don’t you suffer from role playing games ?

Lost you feel lost, avoid conversation into fear to say something wrong
If i break the silence
you will harass me again
If i talk about violence
you will agress me again
How to talk to you ?
How to live it day by day ?
How to show to you ?
How to live it day by day ?


Ashes of anarchist books
Pictures of forgotten resistance
Sparks of riot and fight
What did you fight for? What did you fight for?

Thousand of written ideas
Projects become just a dust
In solitude i wonder if you know
What did you fight for? What did you fight for?

I exile i embrace the dystopia

since childhood we live in a nightmare
so we live within and teach to obey
refuse to see mechanism of humanity
i feel nausea, then you look for a lord

Disappearing smoke of my cigarette
like forgotten dreams of insurrection
Streets are empty. Walls are clean.
I want another procession to fight and resist

Demo :


Torture yourself
become so dogmatic
Body and mind
full of stigmatics
You’re suffering
Nobody asked you
We don’t need leaders, and we don’t need martyrs
You are falling, dying
Torture Yourself
and suffocate in your own cell
honestly lying and believe in what you say
Too lost in illusion too lost to stand
Kill and ignore your own desire
Closing your mind you’re your own liar
In depression, disappear and helpless

Stand still
Do not forget the funeral silence
Monastic education
banishes all intense emotions
Keep quiet the street

Just look around there is no escape
Everywhere i go, it’s always the same

Censure your passion
Censure your feelings
Forget yourself and disappear

Growing misantrophy
Greeting waves of hate
I lost you in paranoia
I lost you in mental hell
Or just confused
Another raining morning
Dead flowers on your window
An angry eye observes the sky
Sweet depression
I come back to you today
Sweet depression
I come back to you again
I will never arise…

I always feel so lonely
Alone on my own
Why should i always weight the words ?
Why do i have rotten thoughts ?
Why should i control my feelings ?
Why can’t i stand my fear ?
Why can’t i stand that fuckin fear ?
All this wall is just a fiction
Me against myself

Those people, like a lifeless crown
don’t hear their voices,
just the echoes of the town
every morning i see
the march of dead bodies
Show me your dreams,
and the grins,
like every fuckin day
the grins
on your tired face
Dancing on sweet melodies
of the progress,
Jump on our own grave,
Smells like hopeless

We are the leaders of the end of our time