News and drama

We are a bit slow, updating this page. We were stuck in our daily lives since we have been back from tour… well, not in a bad way.
Julie had been traveling for a month, Nina was working on her bass preamp and her second 2×15’s cabs and i was trying to write some news songs… i mean, guitar parts.

We will do a show in a couple of weeks with our friends from AUTOVOGEL. this is an amazing doom punk band from OSLO, NORWAY.A three piece members with a very unique sound. (homemade amps !). We played together in January and are really happy to get the chance to see them again. This will happen @ le Caveau du Grand Sauvoy on the 17th of April. We will screenprint some posters… Dont miss them, they are really nice people and they do really cool music.

This will not JUST be a show for us, but the LAST SHOW EVER with Katya, our beloved singer. No drama, we are still really close friends but she decided to move on and everyone is fine with that. There are not that much things we can save or keep for years at all costs… but in another way Nina, Julie and I are still convinced we have stuff to do together… so we will continue the path we took, write news songs and lyrics this time, and see what happens…

So if you want to listen to our songs live ALTOGETHER, this is your last chance….
Take care