Goodbye Croatia and Slovenia

This was our first time in Croatia and Slovenia. The people we met, the places we have seen were just amazing. We feel very lucky to have been part of the No Sanctuary Festival this year and will never be say thank enough to all the people involved in Rijeka at the fest. it was really something to be there, altogether.

Now we are focused on the tour in september across germany / poland / belarus / lituania. some shows are still missing so if you think you can help us, check the dates below. this is mainly north of poland (east to west) and a possible shows in south of poland or close to the german border). we know this is shitty days.

The Split LP is out of stock from us and blackout brigade record. so if you are looking for a copy feel free to get in touch with Ruin Nation Records. We will try to have some during the tour by the way.

We will not do that much shows during the year to come. We are in the process of writting news songs, recording and putting out a new record.  if you are interested in helping us with a label (or a studio well hidden in the mountain or in the basement of a crazy city )  drop us a line. that would be really appreciated.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and come and say hi in september if you are around.
take care

Here full show at Gromka

APRIL TOUR 2014 on the way to Queens of chaos fest

So we’ll be on the road in april, here are the gigs …

So we’ll be on the road in april, here are the gigs:

GENEVE@Le Lignon——–15/04/14
MILAN with AGATHA——-17/04/14
BOLOGNE with AGATHA/LUST FOR DEATH/BLACK CODE….queens of chaos fest—18/04/14
SAINT ETIENNE @ la gueule noire ———-19/04/14
GRENOBLE@Roxy Cooper–20/04/14


Woman Kick Asz + plan to tour in Italy

hi there,
it has been a certain time since we didnt put any news overhere.
everything is fine and we are quiet busy right now.
we have a lot of plans for 2014 and we really hope it’s gonna happen.

first we’ve got this new bandmember, he is from 86, raised on gasoline, with an almost brand new clutch, a gear box fixed and the wipers seems ok. thank you to melo,(we will take care of him), asgeir for spending time and finds parts as well and all the nice people at Roxy Cooper in Grenoble. this has been said, we will hit the road soon. some shows in italy in april, thanx to Agatha for make it possible.
We are also very happy to be part of the Woman Kick Asz Festival in Hannover with amazing bands on the bill and this projection from the documentary « Frauen im Jazz! ».this is on the 8th of march.

we are looking for a show on the way, on friday the 7th of March. Köln would be perfect. So if you are interested in havin us or if you know some nice places and people we should reach, let us know: info AT vehmence DOT info.

There are no new shows without news songs. we are workin hardly and slowly on some new material. we plan to record it at the end of February or early March. We are not yet sure about the final format but if you have a label somewhere in the world and you have any interest in our music, let us know. ok? The demo tape is out of stock,  but we still have some CDs, free price, and some Tee shirts as well, 6€+shipping.reach us if wanted.

i guess that’s it for the moment.
take good care all of you

8.03.14 HANNOVER Woman Kick Asz Festival


15.04.14: GENEVE (CH) @ LE LIGNON

16.04.14: TURIN (IT) TBC

17.04.14: MILAN (IT) + AGATHA

18.04.14: BOLOGNE (IT) @ Queens Of Chaos Fest! with Agatha, Black Code, Lust for Death, Younger US, Century,  Alga Combu

19.04.14:  ? need help


Photos festival à Bovel – 14 sep. 2013

Autumn shows / Concerts automne

Quelques dates en automne, quand la pluie et les feuilles tombantes illustreront bien les passages lugubres de Vehemence.

ven 13 sept.2013 – Reims @ L’écluse  + Malaise + Doomsisters
sam 14 sep. 2013 – Festival à Bovel  « on est pas la pour enfiler… »
ven 20 sep. 2013 – St Etienne au festival de sérigraphie
sam 21 sep. 2013 – Bremgarten @ Alte Kleiderfabrik + Hellshock + born for slaughter, chratzab