September Tour 2017

Almost all shows are booked and we get more posters from different town. Very creative. We still need help for a couple of shows but so far it looks great and we are very happy about the new adventure. See you soon somewhere.

vend. 8 STRASBOURG @ Diamant D’or
dim. 10 EISENBERG @ Confirmed + Tiger Magic (Lzg, de)
lun. 11 DECIN, CZ
mar. 12 KRAKOW confirmed
mer. 13 WARSAW @ ADA + Social Crisis + Ostatni
jeu. 14 GRODNO  confirmed
vend. 15 MINSK confirmed
sam. 16 VILNIUS  @   XI20
mar. 19 BERLIN @ KOPI WP
merc. 20 NEED HELP
jeu. 21 HAMBURG @ Gängeviertel 
ven. 22 OLDENBURG @ kill the plastic smile festival

still workin on…

Hey there,

such a long time since we didnt updated the internet.
we are very happy to announce that we will be part of the Anarchist Black Cross Festival in Vienna at EKH on the 21st, 22nd of april.

We are looking for shows on the way or on the way back so if you are interested in helping us. this is more than welcome. switzerland ? germany ?

We also gonna be part of the No Sanctuary Fest in Hartera Rijeka Croatia this summer and are very excited about that.

and Monday we are playing in our « hometown » (if it’s still means  something…) in a secret place, not really secret anymore since so many shows happened there. but we are super happy to meet our friends there and to open for one of the most exciting french band of the last couple of years… litovsk (in my opinion)

take good care


Leaves and thorns ! Nous sommes en tournée !

Nous sommes penchées sur la tournée de deux semaines à travers la France, Belgique, Hollande et Allemagne. Si tu es intéressée pour nous faire jouer, écrit nous. Merci.

We plan a two weeks tour across France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. If you’re interested to make a show, drop a line. Thank you.

V 09/09: PARIS, fr confirmed
S10/09: Angers. fr – 20h30 – prix libre – @L’étincelle + Motörhill (folk – Angers/Rennes) + Chaviré (émo punk – Nantes) |
D11/09: Gurunhuel, fr – prix libre – @PKLT + Mandelbajo (surf rockab/Colombie) + Ostavka (post punk) + Spectacle + Bingo 666 et Punk Market !
L12/09: BOVEL, fr confirmed
M13/09: ROUEN, fr + Mothra et Sordide
M14/09: GENT, be Landhuis / vzw De Warmoezeniers, Warmoezeniersweg 10
J15/09: DAY OFF
V16/09: AMSTERDAM, nl @ Autonima with Got Danger!man (hc punk from Norway) and Cracked Up (punk from Amsterdam) benefit show for Mutfak, turkish anarchist collective.
S17/09: BREMEN, de 
D18/09: ////
L19/09: ////
M20/09: AMSTERDAM, @ De Muiterij + Dave Hughes: renegade folk punk from UK + Bettie Akkemaai: bitey sweet polka dotted folk from Den Bosch
M21/09: OLDENBURG, de confirmed
J22/09: LUCHOW, de confirmed
V23/09 :LEIPZIG party
S24/09: LEIPZIG, de @ DIY Festival, ZORO




Posters & Shows 2015

Tour with Vicious Irene
26.aug.2015 – Hannover, Korn : with Exilent
27.aug.2015 – Dresden, AZ Coni : solidarity show for afrique-europe-interact, with Discure
28.aug.2015 – Berlin, Kastanienkeller, Kastanienallee 85 HH : with Kriminal
29.aug.2015 – Bremen, Die Friese
30.aug.2015 – Nancy, 103 avenue de la Liberation – with Social Crisis
31.aug.2015 – St Etienne, La Gueule Noire : with Copcake and Social Crisis
End of tour

some photos are on Vicious Irene’s Instagram

14.feb.2015 – MARSEILLE @ L’embobineuse + Le Crabe
17.feb.2015 – BIEL (ch)
18.feb.2015 – PZORFZHEIM (de) @ Alte Fabrik / Stressekeller show start @ 8h. vokü@7h.
19.feb.2015 – HANNOVER (de) @ Stumpf + Distress (russia)+ Crustenunie (Netherlands)
20.feb.2015 – BERLIN (de) @ Kopi AGH’s festival + many bands

Split and tour with Vicious Irene

The split is in the factory ! A lot of thanx to Stevie, Jerome and Vicious Irene. The 21 august we play at Metz, and a week later we are on tour with Vicious Irene.  //

We will play at Metz the 21 august at La Chaouée, 1 rue du Champé, 57000 Metz
Vehemence + La Mineur + Melvyn

Summer tour with VICIOUS IRENE

we 26 aug – Hannover, Korn : with Exilent
th   27 aug – Dresden, AZ Coni : solidarity show for afrique-europe-interact, with Discure
fr    28 aug – Berlin, Kastanienkeller, Kastanienallee 85 HH : with Kriminal
sa  29 aug – Bremen, Die Friese
su  30 aug – Nancy, 103 avenue de la Liberation  – with Social Crisis
mo 31 aug – St Etienne,  La Gueule Noire  : with Copcake and Social Crisis

on the way to Berlin…

still some days before leaving… here what we have…

14/02 MARSEILLE @ L’embobineuse + Le Crabe
17/02 BIEL (ch)
18/02 PZORFZHEIM (de) @ Alte Fabrik / Stressekeller show start @ 8h. vokü@7h.
19/02 HANNOVER (de) @ Stumpf + Distress (russia)+ Crustenunie (Netherlands)
20/02 BERLIN (de) @ Kopi AGH’s festival + many bands
come and say hi

Posters & Shows 2014

20.avr.2014 – Grenoble @ roxy cooper
19.avr.2014 – Saint Etienne @ La gueule noire
18.avr.2014 – Bologne, it @ QUEENS OF CHAOS + Agatha + Lust for Death + Black Code…
17.avr.2014 – Milan, it @ QUEENS OF CHAOS + Agatha…
16.avr.2014 – Lausanne, ch @ La Chaine + Irsinn
15.avr.2014 – Genève, ch @ Le Lignon + Irsinn
08.mars 2014 – Hannover @ Korn, Women Kick Asz Festival w/ Vicious Irene, Social Crisis, Finis Afemie…
07.mars 2014 – Köln @ Wem gehört Diewelt


APRIL TOUR 2014 on the way to Queens of chaos fest

So we’ll be on the road in april, here are the gigs …

So we’ll be on the road in april, here are the gigs:

GENEVE@Le Lignon——–15/04/14
MILAN with AGATHA——-17/04/14
BOLOGNE with AGATHA/LUST FOR DEATH/BLACK CODE….queens of chaos fest—18/04/14
SAINT ETIENNE @ la gueule noire ———-19/04/14
GRENOBLE@Roxy Cooper–20/04/14


Woman Kick Asz + plan to tour in Italy

hi there,
it has been a certain time since we didnt put any news overhere.
everything is fine and we are quiet busy right now.
we have a lot of plans for 2014 and we really hope it’s gonna happen.

first we’ve got this new bandmember, he is from 86, raised on gasoline, with an almost brand new clutch, a gear box fixed and the wipers seems ok. thank you to melo,(we will take care of him), asgeir for spending time and finds parts as well and all the nice people at Roxy Cooper in Grenoble. this has been said, we will hit the road soon. some shows in italy in april, thanx to Agatha for make it possible.
We are also very happy to be part of the Woman Kick Asz Festival in Hannover with amazing bands on the bill and this projection from the documentary « Frauen im Jazz! ».this is on the 8th of march.

we are looking for a show on the way, on friday the 7th of March. Köln would be perfect. So if you are interested in havin us or if you know some nice places and people we should reach, let us know: info AT vehmence DOT info.

There are no new shows without news songs. we are workin hardly and slowly on some new material. we plan to record it at the end of February or early March. We are not yet sure about the final format but if you have a label somewhere in the world and you have any interest in our music, let us know. ok? The demo tape is out of stock,  but we still have some CDs, free price, and some Tee shirts as well, 6€+shipping.reach us if wanted.

i guess that’s it for the moment.
take good care all of you

8.03.14 HANNOVER Woman Kick Asz Festival


15.04.14: GENEVE (CH) @ LE LIGNON

16.04.14: TURIN (IT) TBC

17.04.14: MILAN (IT) + AGATHA

18.04.14: BOLOGNE (IT) @ Queens Of Chaos Fest! with Agatha, Black Code, Lust for Death, Younger US, Century,  Alga Combu

19.04.14:  ? need help


Post tour – Thanx

From cities to forest, from country sides to small towns we have been travelling in our beloved diypunk community for a month. no matter borders, countries, cops or gas costs we ve met so many nice people & places, had so many good meals & shows that we feel forever grateful. it’s a bit cliché to write these lines as an endless thanklist. anyway.
There are moments you will never forget, smiles we shared, tight embraces, gives the feeling of being part of something…
Here everything is fine, things will change a bit, but for now… thank you.